Design Systems Engineer

Mobile user experience and performance first

I am responsible for maintaining and evolving your design system, supporting and improving your internal style guide, and maintaining your icon system. I work closely with product and marketing teams to support the implementation of user interfaces for websites and web applications.

I am an hybrid of designer-developer, sometimes specializing in CSS architecture, sometimes in front-end tooling and JavaScript, with a passion to improve the user experience of our customers, and the implementation experience for co-workers.

Over the past 10 years, I worked for differents clients with a focussed on improving CSS, documentation, tooling, and publishing workflow. My focus this year is to dive deeper into front-end architecture and build abstractions that make implementing web UI easier for engineers and designers that code.

In this role, I am collaborating with the delivery manager to plan projects and lead the technical implementation of design system. As our team grows, I will have the opportunity to mentor other team members.

Qualifications 🧙‍♂️

  • Experience developing user-facing features or developer tools on the web.
  • Strong JavaScript skills. Experience with modern JavaScript libraries and tooling, and debugging JavaScript issues.
  • Strong experience in writing reliable, maintainable, and powerful code that may be used by many other people.
  • Enthusiasm for collaborating with a diverse array of partners, including product managers, designers, and engineers across a variety of platforms.
  • Experience with component-based architecture and development.
  • Experience writing maintainable and scalable CSS, with familiarity in architecture and methodologies like OOCSS, BEM, Functional CSS, or other.
  • Strong grasp of web accessibility standards.
  • Understanding of managing and publishing releases using Git branching and tools like npm and Yarn.
  • Providing effective code reviews and peer support.
  • Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations.
  • Demonstrated design and UX sensibilities.

T-shaped skills 👨‍🔬

  • Familiarity with integrating front-end tools into a server-side MVC web framework, such as Ruby on Rails or Next.js.
  • Experience building design systems or implementing new front-end architecture.
  • Experience building mobile-first responsive UI.
  • Experience using and integrating with continuous integration tools like Travis CI, CircleCI, Codeship or other.
  • Experience with modern deployment platforms and processes, such as Docker, Heroku, Netlify, or other.
  • Experience writing unit tests for applications at scale.
  • Experience building components with technologies like Ember.js, React.js or React Native.
  • Educating or providing mentorship on new techniques, technologies, and processes within a company or community.
  • Give talks and workshops
  • Experience working with new CSS features like CSS Grid.

Values ⛵

  • Collaboration: I believe the best work is done together.
  • Empathy: I believe in putting people first.
  • Quality: I believe in setting the standard for excellence.
  • Milliseconds Matters: I believe in building fast products makes happy customer.
  • Shipping: I believe in creating things for the people using them.

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